Privacy Statement

CIP is a networking organisation, aimed at public-private colaboration in the area of information security and privacy protection. To enable collaboration and sharing knowledge, we register personal data of the people in the CIP-network. This data is used to invite people in the network to conferences, meetings and workshops and inform then of developments like new (versions of) CIP products. Also, some data (name, function, organisation) is used for attendance lists, enrollment lists for permanent education and participation lists that are available for participants of conferences.

To this end we register the following data:

  • FirstĀ  and last name
  • Function
  • Organisation
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Membership of subcommunities within the CIP network and interest in subjects

For members that are also member of the closed collaboration environment, it is also registered on what areas of knowledge they want to share knowledge. Non-members that register at will, upon acceptence, autmatically become members of the CIP network. Of them, the aforementioned data will be registered.

Data entered on the contact page of this site do not lead to a membership of the CIP network and hence will not be registered, unless the contact is to become a member of the CIP network, and you are elligable for it. In that case, the aforementioned data is entered in our administration.

We do not supply any personal data to third parties, unless with individual explicit permission of the particular person (for instance for a mediation request from someone in the CIP network).


This site uses cookies. A cookie is a small tekst file that is placed on your computer upon visiting the website. A cookie enables recognizing visitors of the website. We use cookies exclusively for statistics about the usage of the site and optimising it.


If you have any questions about the privacy statement of CIP, please contact us via the contact page.